The concept of “Meals that heal’’ isn’t about any magic pills, formula shakes/supplements, deprived diet or any overnight results. Instead, it’s about a Healthy Lifestyle and being healthy and fit isn’t a Fad trap or a trend. It’s a lifelong journey.

How will I contribute?

In your Lifestyle Modification –
Simply, would focus on Nourishment-

  • I truly believe eating ‘everything in moderation’ but with little twist & turns in a healthier manner.
  • By emphasizing on portion size and quality over quantity.
  • Just few feasible kitchen friendly dietary modifications, specific to your health status.

  • I won’t advice a diet which has expiration date. Rather focus on lifestyle that lasts forever…

    Nevertheless, a healthy lifestyle is incomplete without Exercise

  • It is additionally an essential piece of nourishment.

" To craft a complete Fitness Kingdom –both are required i.e 30% Exercise & 70% Nutrition, as ‘Exercise’ is the King and ‘Nutrition’ the Queen…"

THE BOTTOM LINE: To maintain good health we require both good nutrition & healthy dose of exercise….

However, every journey begins with a first step. Just take that First Step...

Why choose me?

There is a saying ‘Great things are done by a series of small things brought together’. With our joint efforts which includes my adequate knowledge about how & what to eat and your determination to follow will do wonders….
Little efforts give bigger results…